Questions you have about films and TV shows

Heard this mentioned on a podcast recently and it has been bugging me ever since:

In the film Wayne’s World, how old are Wayne and Garth meant to be?

A subquestion was “How cool are they meant to be”, which I think is easier - they’re popular within their set (drop out metalheads) but still not really cool compared to 1980s go-getters like Benjamin.

I always assumed they were meant to be in their early 20s?


Yeah, early 20’s i think.

In LOST, how did Jack get those tattoos?

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Well, let’s piece this together:

  • Wayne has an extensive collection of hairnets and name badges. A lot of ‘joe’ jobs but nothing he’d call a career
  • He lives in his mum’s basement and this is is kind of sad, it seems
  • Wayne drives a 1976 AMC Pacer. Kind of has the feeling of a beaten-up first car

So yeah, I’d guess at maybe 22 or 23.


I have good news for you Ant

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Cool enough for people to recognise them in the street for their show and to be respected by Meatloaf, but not cool enough to order takeaway in Cantonese. And certainly not as cool as Alice Cooper.

(Although Benjamin is not cool as such. He’s no-one’s friend. If Benjamin was an ice cream flavour, CCB would know the entire script of Wayne’s World by heart).


Also in the gap between Wayne’s World 1 and 2, Wayne’s body hair density increases and Garth finally gets pubes, so they’re probably not in their 30s in the first one.

Apparently in the SNL skits they were in high school.

Can’t imagine the club they go to would let in anyone under 21.

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In ‘The Dark Knight’, how did the clown man get those scars


In The Big Lebowski, why does no one apart from Walter interact with Donny?



Try again

In the batman films how does batman build his batcave and associated infrastructure without lots of builders, electricians etc twigging that he is batman


Also who is Donny bowling with ? Presumably the Dude and Walter are a pair

Fuck, yeah. I’ve heard the fan theories about Donny being the ghost of Walter’s nam buddy but don’t buy it.

Nah - makes no sense. Who’s ashes are they throwing in the sea at the end you dafties

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And the dude does speak briefly to Donny in one scene (“phone’s ringing dude”)


Why does Ross, the largest friend, not simply eat the other five?