Why does easy cook rice take longer than regular rice?

Actually i dont have any more questions for now. Please do add your own?

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Knew i should have started an answers thread instead.


Surely taking longer is easier isn’t it? Less stressful time pressure.

I don’t know. I don’t eat rice.

Not surprised! Its very stressful

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What is love?

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because it’s easy cook, not quick cook

What’s it all about, eh?

How come when you go in a pizza place all the options are just different toppings and not different types of pizza?
I want options man. Neopolitan, new york style, chicago even fuck it. That square stuff. Why only toppings?


Hows it easier?

Question, tell me what you think about me?
I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings.


why has @anon50098204 changed his avatar?

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Love is a verb and a noun as well
You find it in a dictionary under ‘L’

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Hoogy don’t verb me


Current questions plaguing safebruv

  • Why do i feel a huge need to be out of the house at night all the time?
  • Just how badly am i going to take a liverpool win tomorrow?
  • Am i being a bit of a fuckboy at the minute?
  • What is a fuckboy?
  • Should i go on one big holiday or a couple more little ones?
  • What is the vibe i’m currently giving off that’s making young people talk to me in bars?
  • Will the new stranger things be any good?
  • Are my friends alright with me being a bit of a nightmare at the minute?
  • Should i do a big shop tomorrow?

Might just do this every morning as some form of therapy.

Is the champions League final streaming on YouTube?



More of a comment than a question really

I don’t think I have any more questions now but I’ll let you know if I think of any later!

^ Me after every meeting when someone asks me if I have any more questions