Quick but important frying pan question

When shops talk about the diameter of a frying pan, do they mean when measuring across the base or the rim?

The rim, because the lids are sold by the same measurement.


Do you know that we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about frying pan diameters?


I did not know that, no. You learn something everyday.

Perfect, thank you.

A little work and this could scan to the chorus of Jeff Wayne’s The Eve of War.

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They’re probably giving you the pan area. The diameter will be twice the square root of that divided by pi.

Damn, I’ve already ordered it!

gotta be the rim because there’s a curve on the base and no definite measuring point. would be a potential nightmare for advertising standards there.

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If someone goes out of the frying pan, into the fire, but then escapes the fire, where do they go next?

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Is this the eating ass thread or something


Certainly not!

I’m glad you got here before me

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Because he’s greased the frying pan ready for the ass?

Oh wow

I assume not everyone likes raw ass.

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