Quick cooking question


Gonna cook these

In this

  • Chuck em in whole
  • Chop em in half/big chunks
  • Peel the skin off em and chuck the meat in

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Should have browned them off already and cooked whatever that is in the second photo in their oil mate


Chuck em in the bin


Hmm I don’t agree with this at all.


He’s right though




I would have browned them off first, then put them and the oil in to whatever you’re making there.

What is that?


Oh mate.


Don’t be a dickhead Joe


Wouldn’t you maybe get a little bit sick if you put them in raw?


Depends if you ate it immediately or not I guess


Depends how long he’s planning on effectively boiling the poor bastards, I just pity whoever else is having to eat this monstrosity.


they’ll cook fine and he won’t get ill but the skin will go a really rank texture. He should have browned them off I reckon


This is a bit too far ant. I’m booking for my wife and mother.


well I hope you get them front row seats!


Booking what? A doctor’s appointment for tomorrow morning!!!


You planning on browning them off mate?


No needd for all the gleeful bullying you cunts I can still brown them off if I want to!


Good idea, they’ll be better off with a restaurant.


Yeah true, if he wants to just bung it in, i’d probably say remove the skins and chunk up.
But the beauty of chorizo is in the oil!