Quick fire end of day thread: A question

If you were to walk home from work, how long would it take?

1h 32m according to google


11 hours 26 minutes according to Google Maps.

So I’ll drive, if that’s OK with you.

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That’s some bad traffic.

2 min,180 metres.


6hr 39mins

10h 56m

9 minutes and I’ll be doing it in 7 minutes


1hr 40 mins

No ta

12 min.

14 hours, 16 minutes :smiley:

Damn it - I thought I was going to be the winner in this thread!

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0 seconds

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I do and it takes me 55 minutes inc nursery pick up. It’s 45 minutes without

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5hr 21m

Five minutes, 662.73 metres.

Virtual stroll thread



I live about 26.2 miles away by road. It’s flat-ish and I reckon I could jog it in about 4- 4.5 hours or walk it in about 6.5-7.

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