Quick Headphone question (poll)


How bothered are you if you realise you are wearing your headphones in/ on the wrong ears?

  • Unacceptable - I would fix immediately
  • Not really bothered
  • Headphones have “wrong ears”?

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I said unacceptable, but if I’m playing bass through them then I wouldn’t care.


I want the headphones I saw a Kickstarter for that simulate fixed speakers in a room, so you can turn around inside the sound


I have a plug-in that allows me to do this but it requires that I have my camera on & have some magnetic dots velcroed to my headphones’ headband - so fuck that


Mine don’t have L-R marked on them


Had a pair a while back where the cable went into the right ear rather than the left. Had to wear them ‘wrong-eared’ as I keep my ipod/phone in my right pocket and I find if it’s going to the same ear-side as pocket-side then I tend to accidentally knock the cable out with my arm. I tried switching my pocket contents around (wallet in right, ipod/phone in left) but found this was much more unsettling than wearing the headphones wrong-eared.


This would be the most boring thing anyone has ever communicated, except I already said it to the TV at the time and at least here it is in the context of the OP.


reason for this poll is I have recently got new ones - and the volume control is on the right side, old phones it was on the left

So keep putting them in wrong, which I’m finding distressing


Think it was Sennheiser Momentum 2 which did this for me.


Deep christ.


I thought if anyone was going to appreciate that post it would be you :disappointed:


I never used to care, but I’ve got those Apple ones now which are shaped for each ear.


mine are shaped different so they wouldn’t really fit your ears if you put them on wrong


My on ear headphones are angled slightly to fit correctly, so it’s pretty much impossible to put them on the wrong way without it feeling really uncomfortable.


I think they’re probably the same and it’s just the little r and l trigger massive and hilarious discomfort-hypochondria.


In other countries does one have different lettering instead of L and R?

Like G and D for France etc?

Or is the L and R thing almost universal and foreigners have to put up with it?

Perhaps @thewarn can tell us about les headphones Belgique.