Quick hometime poll

Of the big hitters, what’s the best classic BBC sports programming theme tune

  • Grandstand
  • Match of the day
  • Ski Sunday

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This is an absolute banger:


Grandstand every time. Should be our national anthem and that is something I wholeheartedly and genuinely believe.


Cant even remember the grandstand theme. Trying to auralise (?)it, but only getting the henrys cat outro.

I voted MotM because I couldn’t stand to see it on zero. Sure it’s a bit rubbish but it still makes me happy.

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It’s really good but the other 2 are also really good, imo

Not an original composition so doesn’t count but this would be right up there


It’s charmingly crap imo, but it has so much nostalgia wrapped up in it when I hear it on the opening weekend of a season I get a misty eyed.

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Listen to this a lot. Love it.

Grandstand > MotD > Ski Sunday

Can someone somehow make me remember the Grandstand theme tune without making me actually have to listen to something

It was the music that played every week at the beginning and end of Grandstand.

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Actually think I’ve just remembered it somehow

Does it start off with two thudding sounds?

Think of shane warne in tight boxers dancing to light funk under a disco ball on a beach in the 80s

Whump, thud, dingle ingle ing


Might be thinking of A Question of Sport

Yeah that’s it.