Quick oven chips thread

  • Crinkle
  • French fries
  • Straight cut
  • Home fries
  • Steak cut
  • Curly
  • Chunky
  • Too indie for an oven
  • TBH, I prefer wedges

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I’m only guessing here, this was too much information for me really


no option for homestyle, but aunt bessie’s homestyle chips are the only option.


Thank you for your honesty


God speed @thewarn


Fuck! Knew I’d missed one


Can someone just post a picture of each, what they mean, but how they actually look on the plate at home


straight cut


bit normcore but the little ones are satisfying


Glad we all recognise curly fries for the abomination that they are.




i’ve never really bothered moving beyond them tbh

crinkle cut chips are wank though


Don’t tell me I’ve forgotten another one???!


Another piss poor fad dreamed up by the publishing industry I’d wager


Fucking @xylo


I have no recollection of this post :grinning:


Steak,straight and home look much of a muchness


Fries > Chips


Think I agree, Anthony


not for oven chips IMO

they almost always get a bit burnt/way too crispy