quick pre evening

expect this to descend into banality BUT FIRST

tell me what to have for dinner. it’s hot don’t know what to get.

something with olives and feta, because that is what I am craving and it is all I can think about. a nice salty whack


Big bowl of cereal

Is this now the evening thread

u fucken nuttah m9

Going to fill up a 2 litre bottle with squash and freeze it.

i’m just going to eat a sandwich because i had a big lunch

might drink a shitload of beers though?

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Ok get a load of this

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Quiche, new potatoes, beetroots and a bit of salad.

Did this on Saturday. Insanely easy and very tasty


^winning so far

I’m having something wildly inappropriate: sausage and mash with onion gravy.

delightfully cooling



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jesus christ

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Massive pizza

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Trains :mountain_railway: in hot weather are they ok?

pre evening?? what is this, times of the day according to @anon50098204?

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Absolutely not.

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Indoor picnic. Fuck eating hot food in this weather.