quick Q for the DiS LME: anyone got a spare phone?


Hello lovely people, my phone has recently bit the dust and I’m a bit too skint to get a new one atm, so was just wondering if anyone here had a spare they don’t need anymore? I’m South East London based but work in Hackney Wick if that helps :slight_smile:



Maybe try the hardship fund? I got my phone for under £50.

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I was considering that too aye, where did you get yours?


just walked into a phone shop and asked for the cheapest smart phone and bought it outright for £40 including £10 of credit

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this is the make https://mobiwire.com

it’s not great and I have to charge it at least once a day, doesn’t have much space for apps, the camera is awful etc. but it functions


mm I’ll do some digging, thanks!


I have one without a sim I think that I got temporarily - if I can find it in my work locker tomorrow you’re welcome to it.

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