Quick question for eric


@ericV when making burritos at home do you exclusively use flour or corn tortillas or do you like to mix it up a bit?

Something about Mission Deli.

Many thanks.


I just use a couple of slices of bread


Oh shit, I had forgotten about the regional burrito club!



Usually replace the rice, beans and veg with sausages, too.


gotta be blue corn


you can’t really get corn tortillas big enough for burritos in my experience

really hate when we can only get small tortillas and have to eat two pathetic tiny burritos


Tezza do 'em full flour size now, my man. I have some in my bag.


How much?


don’t really have a tezbots near enough, might try em if i remember


Sub £1 for 8


What a deal!

Is PayPal alright?




p&p is £900


Fair, that’s not even a month’s rent.