Quick question re: record players


I’m looking to bring my old record player out from under my bed and start using it again. It’s a NAD 5080 which I bought aaaages ago for £20 from a work colleague and have never really used.

Anyway this is the needle/cartridge/whatever it’s called:

I’m looking online for a replacement but the one they’re suggesting looks like it’s a different shape. Any ideas?

(Also am I better off just buying a new deck?)

Good luck. I have never replaced the needle on my ancient Bush 50 quid Argos job. I’m sure it’s wearing the shit out of my records. But the alternative is diving into this murky world!

I bought some ‘universal’ needles from eBay. Universal, my arse!

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What’s the replacement being suggested to you online c_c_b?

Looks totally different

Okay, NAD gear is generally really good, so that turntable is absolutely worth keeping.

Now, figuring out what cartridge you need for it might be difficult. We might need clearer pictures here c_c_b.

This is suggested on another site by the way.

Ah thanks for looking! Yes, there’s a NAD 5080 on eBay for about £280 so I think it’s worth trying to get right.

I’ll take some more pics tomorrow but it’s a surprise for Mrs CCB so I had to take the pics above in a bit of a hurry.

My GF’s grandad left an NAD amp to us when he passed away and it is unbeatable. You’ve got something good there.

Okay, let’s figure this out for you and Mrs. c_c_b!


If you defo have a nad 5080 the a website that lists comparable cartridges for that model will work. Sometimes they might look different but they should still fit.

Post more detail if you want to be sure though.

Reckon the stylus may look dif on your because the cartridge has been changed at some point. The chat in that site suggests compatible cartridges, alternatively by looking at the cart you have you might be able to get styli and reasonably cheap.
Hope it’s of some use.

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That’s definitely the model :slight_smile:

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It’s the fit at the back that I don’t get. The current one has a little metal bit poking out of the back and then a larger plastic bit above it. Very difficult to tell from pictures that don’t have a back view.

This look like it?

Actually this one had the metal bit

That site has a few NAD styli so worth a wee look and compare.

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So your old stylus has mkii on it.
Maybe a diff brand mkii is fit for It?
Look at this one

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Oh that looks very similar actually



This one too - bit easier on the wallet:


Worth a go.
If it’s the right fit you could always upgrade down the line too.

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Yeah. It’s been sat largely unused for about 15 years or so, so I just want to get it up and running. Need a preamp too! (Or at least an adaptor for the preamp I have).

I’ll take another look at the stylus when Mrs CCB isn’t around. Looks very similar though. I’ve bought her two of her favourite albums on vinyl to get her started :slight_smile: