Quick quiz: greggs edition

What unexpected thing did i see in a Greggs cup earlier?

(Twitters followers exempt from this quiz)

I follow you but I haven’t looked at Twitter today. Can I play?

A human poo

No one read this who wants to enter the quiz

@inthedusk There was an unplumbed toilet in a side street the other day that someone had taken a shit in

A pret cup

Thanks for playing everyone.

Aggers takes it with human poo, coincidentally that’s also the prize.

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I dosnt say poo because its expected from experience

Woah I didn’t even cheat! Only in Manchester :heart_eyes:


Poos make Manchester great :heart_eyes:

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How do you know it was human?

You don’t actually have to answer that, apologies. Very uncouth of me to ask

Cause it was Gregg’s


Very good!