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When you were a kid and making cakes with yer mum or yer dad or yer caregiver, did they allow you to lick the bowl/spoon and eat the delicious cake mix residue?

  • Yes, they did, thanks for asking
  • No, they did not, thanks for asking

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Best part of making a cake. Nowadays I give my son the ‘you shouldn’t be eating raw egg’ line and scoff it all myself. Little tip for you there.


The cake mixture usually tasted better than the resulting cake


nobody ever made cakes when I was a kid :frowning:


Also: cleaning out cake mixture from a bowl was what spatulas were made for


make one bammers and try it


In a damning indictment of how much I was an irritating child…when making cakes at my friend’s house I told his mum off for offering us the mixture to eat.


work once did this weird creepy thing where the boss had a “competition” where everyone had to make a cake and he would judge and award a winner.

I had never made a cake before, made a cheesecake and won!


just occured to me that’s a real shitty thing for a boss to do


im not 100 percent sure a cheesecake is really a cake despite the name


  • cake
  • not cake

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mate come on!


so the internet tells me

With a minor change in appearance, any pastry that is a crumb crust filled with custard and baked, in my mind, is a pie. The addition of cream cheese is no more a disqualifier than the addition of bourbon would be. So, in short, a cheesecake is a pie


“next weeks competition is to clean a room in my house.”


I think everybody got to eat the cakes but it was weird the whole “I will decide whose is best” thing


Already on it.


Are you baking it or not? You can make cheesecakes that just set it in the fridge but I think some need to go in the oven.


I think they did, but I don’t think I often asked for it, because cake batter is Not Very Nice hashtagbigopinions.

What I do remember though, is when my mum made biscuits (which she seemed to do more often than make cakes), she would use the last little scrap of dough to make a tiny biscuit which was “Rabbit’s biscuit” (Rabbit being my favourite toy), which, actually, was my extra biscuit. I once pointed out Rabbit didn’t have a mouth to eat his biscuit and my mum stitched him one. Mum’s are great.



a cake is made from cake mix

I also bake potatoes but a cake they are not (except potato cakes and actually no they arent either)


just sounds like a bit of work place fun to me.


yeah probably was but I can’t help but think maybe it was an authority/power thing that he enjoyed