Quick thread about the Easter Egg Hunt scandal that T.May stuck her beak into

Well we did it yesterday and yes it doesn’t say Easter Egg Hunt but it says Easter at the fucking top!

How many did you find?

None, banned by the you know who’s

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Wasn’t even a hunt. You had to go round doing events (throwing wellies, hooking ducks, climbing through a tunnel, knocking cans over etc) and once you had done them you visited a stall where you didn’t even get an egg but instead got three small (15g) choc bunnies.

sounds shit

Did the boy enjoy himself at least?

I had an absolutely lovely day as it happens.

Theresa May also knows a lot about useless Hunts.



Yeah it was great. Although we probably had more fun doing the non-hunt stuff:


a friend had an easter egg hunt in their garden yesterday. i did not attend.

I shall be having one in mine this coming Sunday. Fancy it?

Not using the word easter twice is akin to spitting in the face of mr Cadbury

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And nobbing his dead corpse

Did someone steal his shoelaces?

ahh i’m busy sorry mate!

Looks like dad has stolen all of the children’s shoelaces and draped them over his head for his own sick amusement. :’(

That’s the fashion marckee!

marckee imagines his girlfriend wearing them

(haven’t seen that referenced for a while)

I don’t know if anyone’s pointed it out to you yet, mate, but you’ve written “stuck” instead of “stick”.

Do what?