Quick translation question (rolling)

Hi there,

I’m translating a bit of text into English and I have the following question for you: Which of these terms would you say is most well known/established/recognisable etc?

  • Sunken lane
  • Hollow way
  • Holloway

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I didn’t even know there was a set term for this in either language until 5 minutes ago tbh.

Never heard of any of them

(Ian Holloway excepted)



Sunken lane would be the one that I’d understand what it meant soonest though I guess.


I’ve honestly not heard of any of them but holloway just makes me think of the road in London. and I’d at least kind of be able to work out what was meant by sunken lane


Thanks pals, we all seem to think pretty much the same thing. Sunken lane it is.

Yeah I just clicked on Holloway because it is a prison and a football manager.


Everybody wants one!


Neither. Would maybe say a path/road with bankings at either side.

So in other words, a sunken lane?

Depends on the context? I picked Hollow Way because it’s a road in oxford but if you’re using it to describe a generic place…

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In words people probably wouldnt know what you mean, yes.


Sunken lanes. Strangely this popped up on my local areas Facebook last week.

It’s a specific place, which has a specific term to describe it in Norwegian (that I had never heard of before). Historical site and all that.

I only know this from the book:

Probably sunken lane would make the most sense then

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the word ‘hallway’ is much more common

it means something completely different but at least its familiar

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Good point japes, hallway it is

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