Quick update on any rivals or enemies?

Been a little while since we had one of these, would be good to just get a quick check-in on the status of any of your rivals or enemies if possible, please

I have a new more reliable Hermes delivery person now so after a few complaints about non-arrivals I’m marking that down as a win.

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No, I’m a very friendly guy who doesn’t like pissing people off


Took away my ability to edit posts


They’re all dead.


no rivals, same amount of enemies

Serves you right for making enemies with a bunch of old people then


Can you blame me? Met any old people lately? They’re awful.

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Too uncompetitive and nonconfrontatitional to have either but I’ll keep you posted

Don’t like the cut of my downstairs neighbour’s jib, if I’m coming home and I see him smoking out in front then I’ll do another lap of the block to avoid him


My enemy moved to my city in the summer and keeps popping up on tinder, ffs


Oh wow

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@Mert_Aksac @Pisspot

Not even seen Reading’s fastest pedestrian in over 4 years, I’m getting concerned I’m due a coronation I’m totally under dressed for.

There’s this one utter poindexter that I continue to shit all over but other than that no real updates


Not a rival or enemy as such but someone at work who repeatedly made my life difficult landed in the shit a while back because they did something really stupid. They didn’t get sacked though (but they definitely should have done)

As a result, I have insisted that said person is to be allowed nowhere near my project, even though technically their position means that they ought to be central to one part

Anyway, HR announced today that they’re leaving and we’re recruiting to fill their role. So that’s a win

There’s no way they left without being nudged out either so it seems that the directors actually finally paid attention to the 2 or 3 of us who refused to work with them. Only took 2 years


Nemesis is the word


I think I’m going to promote the lead Heather at work to enemy. He’s the one who sprays all his aftershave and deodorant at his desk. There’s more to discuss here but this is all the info needed I think in this thread.


Not currently got a rival or enemy so there’s a space open if anyone fancies it?

I’m quite intrigued by this because the fastest pedestrian I’ve ever met i think used to live in Reading so there is a definite possibility that it’s the same person, which would be very funny. What does your Reading’s fastest pedestrian look like?