Quick & very fun game

open your ‘finder’ or windows search thingy

view ‘all files’ in your computer & arrange by ‘date created’

scroll down to the bottom or click so it shows the oldest file in your computer

Show me/tell me about your fine vintage digital antiques

got stuck


good maths imo

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I want to play whatever game you’re playing

commerce: the videogame

I find this thread title to be extremely misleading.


still using windows XP huh?

im on windows 10 and can’t figure out how to do this


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I have a newish computer, so this was certainly a quick game.

not on desktopbook

thinly veiled “i’ve got a newish computer” boast

OK well

I have a file on my machine - a JPEG - that says it was created in 1986

It won’t open though

I thought it must be a mistake, JPEG can’t have existed in 1986, but apparently that’s when JPEGs started

I’ll have to take this file along to Antiques roadshow one day

Other than that the oldest file is a zip compilation of 70s funk & disco breakbeats that I downloaded from some site or other in 1998

21 year old zip - madness

You lost me at ‘open your ‘finder’ or windows search thingy’

thanks for trying at least

so you haven’t downloaded any old files on your newish computer?

u ever heard of a reinstall, man?

i can’t believe how long i’ve spent trying to do this

thread title is extremely misleading

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more like a thinly-veiled “this wasn’t a fun game” post

How do you get to view all files?

starting to think this whole thread was just so that BITT could show off he’s got a first edition jpg