Quickfire Monday poll


If you ordered a cappuccino would you expect there to be chocolate on it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Dunno, never order them, just like clicking on polls.


Sorry if this was covered in Ant’s coffee behemoth thread BTW.


Please note: you shouldn’t be having a cappuccino after 11am.


I would only expect there to be chocolate on it because I have very low expectations of people.

At the very least, I would be posed the question with an assumption from the server that the answer would be yes.


My response to both this statement and the OP is a resounding “what???”


I expect chocolate on everything I order and am often disappointed


Go on.


Also, it’s 2018, surely everyone has flat whites these days?


I had a flat white this morning.

Put chocolate on it tho didnt i


I had a macchiato this morning*. No chocolate.

*not enough change in my pocket for a flat white.


voted yes because i’m basically a child. don’t even really drink coffee (see previous point).


Oh no it’s 11:05 better not have the drink that I really want because Gino Dicampo might scoff at me


Pfft, 2018 is the year of the cortado.


also FAO @ma0sm



Last time I checked tho, we’re not italian???


Cappa is my drink of choice. Always with choc on top


I’d go for cortado, but the café downstairs doesn’t do them. I’m hoping that my regular visits build up to the kind of relationship where I can suggest they start selling cortados.


What am I looking at here?


^^ Me reading this link