Quickfire Monday poll

Italian’s rules.
You should really just be having builders tea.

I wish the Italians would pay the same amount of attention to the rules of the road as they do food. Apparently you can stop/park your car anywhere as long as you put your hazard lights on.


Or if you’re on your phone texting whilst driving on the motorway, you just straddle the line of the hardshoulder


What’s a flat white?

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Glad the results are inconclusive. Reason I asked is that I absolutely do not have chocolate on a cappuccino but have had it put on, unsolicited, 3 times in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for your time.

Do you know who rules are for, PN? They are for squares.

Flat white family. They’re a band.

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everything everyone drinks sucks but my drink

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I’d expect to be asked if I wanted chocolate on top

Piccolo, mate. The cortado was 2017.

I always ask for a ‘long black coffee’. Dunno why. They basically just give you an Americano. I always feel like a cunt asking for that.

Can we all agree that anybody who drinks espressos is sub-human scum? What’s the point?

Bit racist against Italians mate. Also, me.