Quickly DiSers, through the Tuesday evening thread!

Evening all, what’s cooking (literally and figuratively)?

I’ve been feeling more and more unwell over the course of the day, covid test came back negative so that’s something.

Got a bit of work to finish off and then carry on with Ted Lasso which I’ve only just started watching and love.

Fishcakes, broccoli and sweet potato fries on the plate.





Alright? Had sausages with broccoli & cauliflower cheese for tea, now catching up on some Off Menus and doing very little else. Might have some sweets in a bit you never know.

Good to know, probably find myself there Christmas shopping at some point.

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Evening all!

We had a lentil and rice salad for tea. It was OK.

I’m doing bedtime and then probably watching Dark Souls 3 boss fights on YouTube.

Feeling shit and stressed so that’s nice

Spent most of the afternoon re-setting up all my music stuff in the bedroom - including drilling holes in the desk to make it all a bit neater with all the cables

Knackered now - not actually tested if any of it works

Went to sainos - having a fish cake with a baked potato, cauliflower cheese and peas for tea, I’m starving

Prob just watch tv and have an earlyish night

yo! it’s me!


Roasted this chicken (soy sauce/rice wine/honey/lime marinade and sauce), with garlic potates and veg. Really chuffed with it, and super happy about WFH at times like this, just chucked it all in the oven at the right times and then all done by 6:15.

Gonna have a bath and wash my hair since I’m in the office tomorrow.


Feel like shit day # 451736

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what’s up?

oh yeah, this evening I saw THREEE HOUSES ON THE SAME STREET with christmas lights on. In the middle of November, what the heckaroonie?!

I’ve seen a lot of this and I am of the same opinion.

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Think people started early last year because it had been so grim with covid etc and now some folk are just crazed with Christmas cheer too soon


it’s ridiculous. I told my mum and she said when she was a kid people only put decorations up on christmas eve.

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Had pasta with Richmond fake meatballs and tomato sauce. Was fine. Added olives but they had stones in for a bit or risk at the table.

Going to do a bit of work and watch some succession I think…

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Way too soon. Santa’s not gonna shag you.


I ho ho hope not


…off to the shop

What’s on your list? (Shop not Christmas)