Quiet Quitting

This video is the first time I’d ever heard the phrase quiet quitting. Going to file it under ‘things that were invented to be pushed back on but nobody has ever said sincerely’ I reckon


that be a long file name


Tell my team all the time not to work for free. My employer buys 35 hours of my time a week and that’s what they can have. Everyone needs to get in that contractor mindset because even in salaried employment that’s what you are, you just don’t have to do your own payroll shit.

Fuck the grind.


Why is it called quitting? Not sure I get it


Should be called ‘‘realistic living’’ imho.

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Wanting to do a good job isn’t incompatible with being a commie

Edit: I think. I’m not a communist

Like “professional ghosting” it’s a new term for something incredibly commonplace that has always existed

Specifically the word “quitting” is confusing me, in what way does quitting come into it at all? It’s literally doing your job?


Yeah, I thought it referred to people who stopped working altogether in a bid to be laid off / made redundant


I’d heard it said but assumed it was remote workers who just stopped doing anything to do with their job but without telling the employer and waited to see how long they continued to get paid before being fired (very cool thing to do if you can pull it off imo)


Be interested to hear how this plays out in practice in the sorts of jobs where people feel a moral imperative to overwork. I know there’s a big issue with burnout in e.g. nursing, homelessness services etc

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Because it’s a term invented by people who believe in exploitative work practices to try and shame employees who try to have strict work/life boundaries.

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it me


Not quite the same level as nursing and doctors etc but I feel very much obliged to run after school clubs because no one else will (and have done every year so you can’t just randomly stop).

Wish I had the bollocks to just say nahhhh


Yeah I was thinking about putting teaching in the same bracket… You could make an argument for most public services I reckon

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Think anything that relies on people’s empathy and care for the vulnerable absolutely takes the piss out of its employees. Generally the nurses, teachers, charity workers etc. I know put in so much unpaid overtime because if they don’t kids, patients etc. Simply won’t get looked after.

There are huge sectors that rely on and exploit this massively (and by all accounts it’s got unsurprisingly progressively worse under the tories)


Another way the Lovecraftian horrors of the online community self realise their own monsters in the guise of detached commentary, making the powers of oppression more significant than before they had began. Back into the deep with ye!

I didn’t even know that this was a common term when I started that thread. I was familiar with the term ghosting, which was popularised through online dating. I was surprised how many tradespeople we contacted preferred WhatsApp as a communication tool, and how many just suddenly stop responding, hence the ghosting.

I have no idea if it was common before that they would just stop answering your calls even after having communicated for a while, as it’s only recently that I’ve had the need to find tradespeople, but the uniqueness of suddenly stopping the conversation midsentence when there was no obvious animosity beforehand seems most closely related to someone just hanging up on the phone.

Would hate to just work my contracted hours. I much prefer some days to do an early or late call and then feel I have the right to clock off at 3:30 on a Friday.

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