Quintessential greatest hits collections


I’ll start with;

Kraftwerk. The Mix.
Pet Shop Boys. Discography.
New Order. Substance.
The Smiths. Best I & Best II


i’d have to say The Best Of The Beatles


Came in here to post this. Will leave now.


Super Furry Animals Songbook
Depeche Mode The Singles 82>85/86>98
The Cure Standing On A Beach
The Fall 458489 A sides


Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady
Al Green Greatest Hits


Immaculate collection ffs.


Minor Threat - Complete Discography is the only must have compilation.

Maybe a Roy Orbison one. I would never understand why bother with a kraftwerk one because all their albums post Autobahn are 9 out of 10 albums and well worth having in full


The Kinks Ultimate Collection

44 bangers right there




Girls Aloud - Ten
Ash - Intergalactic Sonic 7"s
The Beach Boys - 20 Golden Greats
Abba - Gold
The B-52s - Songs For A Future Generation
Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits

These are the ones I have in my car.


Bob Marley & the Wailers - Legend. Gets a bad press these days, but it does what it says on the tin…


Also…there hasn’t been a Kraftwerk compilation proper…The Mix is comprised of sometimes inferior remixed versions of the original tracks.

It’s not good.


“Best of the Beatles” is tired as fuck. Shimmetry knows his stuff but I despise Best Of’s. This means nothing to me, ahhh Vienna.

On a side note. Minor Threat as a complete discography kinda works and is almost unique as it fits the CD length. But in full. Greatest Hits - Stay Away and go with the actual albums / singles / EP’s…




Well at least that makes more sense. Just listning to it now. What have they done with Radioactivity. It sounds like a Depeche Mode song!


I absolutely love ‘The Mix’. Definitely not a patch on the albums proper but I have a soft spot for it for sentimental reasons.


Well I think its great that they did something different.




The Mix is bloody ace. Don’t get its bad reputation. The version of The Robots is brilliant.


In other Kraftwerk news, they’ve announced a UK tour next year.