Absolutely, hate that kind of behaviour. It’s proper “wellll, actually…” type behaviour. Don’t care if monkeys do it in the wild m8, don’t care at all.


Tend to use the same pan and plate every damn time I cook

do you also use the same spot on the hob each time (front right)?

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Front left (biggest flame), but yes.

Refusing to eat with certain forks we have, I just don’t like them (but Mr s_w has no issue with them).

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similarly, flatmate has glasses she “trusts” for different drinks. So there’s beer glasses she’ll happily drink from and ones that get flatly rejected if I ever try to hand them to her

I was given my cutlery second hand and it’s all plastic handles and I have very serious issues with cutlery with added handles, I just want smooth metal and can’t wait for the day these ones fall apart (that’ll never happen, will it?) so I have to get new ones. Just can’t bear the bit where the handle joins the metal as I reckon it’s full of germs.


tapping the lid of a can of beer/fizzy juice a few times before you can open it. A friend did it at a party once and we all laughed at him, and now I think that entire friend group still does it to this day because of him. Absolutely no good reason for it, just a natural part of the drinking process now

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Completely this, first time I saw someone do it I was like what are you doing. Now a go to in the can opening process for me

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There’s a spoon in the drawer I don’t use because the design on the handle is unique among the spoons in the drawer

Last time I went to a friends house she insisted I took her odd spoon home with me as she hated it.

It’s now my favourite spoon and I’m glad to have rehomed it.


Just chuck 'em (in the recycling). Cutlery that isn’t entirely metal makes me feel weird and I just constantly imagine the bacteria and matter that lives in the gaps, regardless of how tiny they might be. Treat yourself to some nice cutlery!

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I have a fork where the prongs are far too close together - alright for picking up a lump of meat, but rubbish for all sorts of fork-adjacent tasks like shovelling mash into my face or marking the edge of a pie crust. Don’t know how it stayed out of the bin tbh

I have one particular spoon I only use for ice cream. Shovelling ice cream into my maw is what it is good at. That is its job. No other spoon shall take that away from it.

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I can’t really afford it and it also feels like a big commitment/choice. I’ll see a set I like then the knife has some sort of futuristic handle or the fork prongs are too far apart.

Quite like to keep the TV volume set. To prime numbers.

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If I’m eating a fried egg, I’ll eat all the white bit first, carefully cutting around the yolk to leave it intact, then eat that at the end

Definitely, totally manky.

We have a plastic handled set that my boyfriend bought years ago and the knives have all broken but not the forks or spoons

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I do this too. I like putting the yolk into my mouth whole so I get all the yolk in one go and don’t waste any

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Eaching all of each item of a meal one after the other.