Quite late for a banal thread tbh


2.5 hours to go :sob: hangover is really creeping up on me, soul slowly draining away.

really looking forward to going home and shoving pizza in my gob.

is there another masterchef on tonight or not?


First 1/4 final isn’t it?


Dunno mate, never watched it.

Just had a highly unsuccessful meeting with HR about this uniform business. Feel right down in the dumps about it, urgh.

Need a new job plz.


I’m going to Patty & Bun for burgers and beers tonight. Lord help me this afternoon is dragging.


i’m having pizza later, probably one of those circular ones and the scissors won’t be going anywhere near it


mountain climber thread is the only thing keeping me going tbh


is it worth a read japes, the opening post looks pretty long?!


you’re a good man LP and let nobody say otherwise


im definitely having pizza

only question is

homemade vs shop bought

it’s going to be the latter I think - not in the mood for faffing


likewise eric :slight_smile:


is it? isn’t it usually on tues/weds/thurs? is it on weds/thurs/fri just this week?


my hangover has subsided. beer and these spectacular wings soon:



meating is cheating




Looks like it’s Weds, Thurs & Fri next week too; http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006t1k5/broadcasts/upcoming


nothing else worth reading today


ffs man


I’m sick of restaurants called ‘[something] and [something]’ to describe the one thing they make.


nandos and chicken


don’t you work in a library or something like that? never ever seen librarians wear uniforms, and I work with them on an almost daily basis.