Quite like Josh Widdicombe


but I dont think I’ve ever laughed at him


I saw him as a support act for Stephen Merchant - he was much funnier than Stephen Merchant. Turns out he’s a common sleb sighting.


I think Rich Hall’s better at documentaries than jokes.


The archetypal panel show guest. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was engineered in a lab to ensure there’d never be a shortage on 8 out of 10 Cats.


I have friends that used to work with him at Waterstones in Manchester. They have literally no gossip about him. Apparently he used to talk about wanting to write a sitcom.


Likeable and amusing on QI/Last Leg etc but his stand up and sitcom are surprisingly generic and unfunny.


He has a very punchable face. And whoever does the reserach for the “let’s just show what has trended on Twitter this week” segment on The Last Leg must have the easiest job in television.


Was part of the best line up on Taskmasters so I’m fond of him for that reason but he also has never made me laugh either


He laughs too loudly when he is on panel shows.

Otherwise, average

  • Actually good comedian
  • Decent bloke but not very funny
  • CUNT

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Actually quite like Josh cause its easy watching but again, dont believe I have laughed at it


I saw him twice when I went to see Sufjan a year or so back: once hanging out in a bar on the Southbank before the show, and once in the toilets.


Disappointed that you didn’t go for the ‘Fair’ option


He was sat next to us at one of those shows or behind us or something, can’t remember


Is he related to Stacey Solomon somehow?


I stood next to him at the urinal when we went to see Ash at the Roundhouse in December.


They both carry the gene which makes them “appear” happy on the outside.


I saw him at Ally Pally when The National played there a few years back.


Did you piss in his pocket?


I’ve probably seen him way more times than any of you chumps, but I don’t know who he is so can’t provide you the details.

I’m definitely winning, though.