Quitting DiS


Have we had anyone quit newDiS yet?


I tried, but sean it wouldn’t let me log out


Didn’t meo have a brief hiatus?


Oh yeah, that’s true. I don’t really count this as she was back within a week or so.


Foley pretended to.

I think UP/PO arrived and left again but without fanfare.


Where’s mits?!




going well?


He never really started on new DiS did he? I mean, he has an account but still.


She posted a few days ago I think!


I still mourn those that never made the leap. Umlaut, ohgood…

Not royter though, fuck that prick.




My login broke over Christmas (i.e; I forgot my password).

but I’m back - I’m guessing @ascottishdisser sent my secret santa (apologies for never replying in that thread, btw) - I felt them moment had passed when I managed to get back in.


who was the lad on here who was a full time online poker player?


Last post Jan 8th, seen two hours ago. But hasn’t really been around much for a couple of months.




It’s never too late!


Yeah I only lasted a week and a half.
I realized I could definitely survive without it. I did not have FOMO.


What brought you back in champ?


I probably had a semi-good anecdote that wasn’t getting much love on the twittersphere