QuizSwipe Football Quiz League

Been doing this daily football quiz league thing and it’s pretty good fun imo. Made a DiS league if anyone else fancies joining in, code is 7af6. If not, see if I care.


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Joined, like this idea

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Probably an E cup would you say?



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Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottingham, NottINgham

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who the fucking hell is aime jacquet. thought the coach who won with france in 98 was Houlier.

Nah, he was sacked after failing to get them to usa94

I spent a couple of minutes wondering why the quiz wasn’t working for me, before realising that they were screenshots and I have to download an app to play.

Maybe this one is above my level.


Hardest one since I started playing today. 6/10 :frowning:


Tough one today

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Another 6/10. Should never have invited you people to play, it’s been all downhill since then.

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A big fat 9 for me, don’t be jealous

10/10 on today’s quiz.

Quite like this, would be good if the app was a bit more robust and nicer to look at

Back buttons not working on the app makes me laugh. I know nothing about app development but seems like a bit of an oversight

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from what I remember of doing Android apps, it was a bit of a faff having to handle both the back arrow in the app and the global back arrow within Android itself, as they came through at different levels within the app and listening for both was irritating. can’t remember the detail but I remember being able to solve it so can’t have been that big a thing.

think they’ve just blocked the main back button to sidestep that, but it’s not ideal really as I always try to use it before seeing the message and thinking, yeah need to use the one at the top innit.

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quite like the game, keep messing up very easy questions, best of 9 today though.

Back on track with a 9 today.