R&B (2019?)

For talking about stuff that isn’t Solange or Frank Ocean i guess. or talk about them too if you want.
What’s everyone been listening to?
From this year I love the Dawn Richard record, also really liked the Lafawndah and Girl Unit ones. not really up to speed with what other good stuff there’s been. new Jamila Woods is out next week

Currently having fun listening to this spotify soultronic playlist


talk about old stuff too if you want. just discovered the Groove Theory album

I’m gonna listen to this playlist tomorrow thanks shrewbie

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r&b stuff ive been into:

black truck by mereba is my fav song of the year i think

(bonus extended version with her rap verse)

been into tone stith a bit. dont think he has a full fully realized project so far but he has some really good songs

the new tpain album is front to back awesome imo (if you like tpain)

new kehlani album is good and its so good to hear musiq’s voice on something contemporary

been really addicted to this naja young song

this was a hit song from an old face, and its … smokin

last years lloyd album was a mixed bag but i love this song and video

so much more really. this dreezy song hasnt left my rotation in the last 3 years


Think the new Anderson .paak is really good :slight_smile: love this as an opener


weirdly was just listening to the Kehlani record for the first time this morning as i missed it at the time

this is gr8

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Listening to this for the first time now and it’s sounding ace!

Really distinct voice, good lyrics, and the production really bangs.

here’s what i’ve been listening to:

choker (forever & a few)
roy woods (waking at dawn)
ben elder (seldom seen)
the internet (hive mind)

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that internet record is great. really looking forward to steve lacy’s solo debut.
not heard of any of the others

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tell me more about this ben elder dude. cant tell if this is good.

liking choker too thx

album is really good ya. think baldwin might be the standout for me so far


think that’s my favourite too. also that run of zora - giovanni - sonia :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:

Spotted a review of this on PF and really rate it! Rich vocals over very smooth and slinky beats

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Miles and Basquiat for me at the mo. That first falsetto bit on Miles with the little bit crushed synth melody is :ok_hand:

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only recently twigged that it’s also Jamila Woods singing on Sunday Candy

nice one didn’t even know about that new T-Pain and doubly good that it’s got your seal of approval.

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Steve Lacy record out now