R.E.M Thread




Saw them at Stirling Castle, which was a pretty cool venue.

Stipe for justifiably fucked off when the cultured Scottish crowd started booing during his a cappella take on Swing Low, Sweet Chariot…


If we’re sharing setlists from when we saw them, this is the one from Balloch '05:


I remember the band arrived at the stage by boat from across Loch Lomond. Great night.


One of the absolute best bands ever, but we’re all in agreement that Everybody Hurts is a steaming turd of a song, right?




Ugh, I am properly ancient, but this was really quite something.


Surprised, in retrospect, that they had time for a Drivin’ ‘n’ Cryin’ cover but no ‘The One I Love’. Still, it was great. Stipe had hair. Terrible hair. And a megaphone.


this is fucking great.

Probably my favourite era of the band. Amazing to think they were doing the NEC in the 80s. Even though Green is a major label album I always feel it has a very indie feel compared to what came after.


seeing as we’re sharing sets, here’s the one i saw:

thought it was absolutely ace. Hated the album they released at that time, but they managed to make the tracks off it work live somehow (cos they’re great).


its a great song


You win


I think (can’t really remember, was too tiny and too excited at the time) that they curtained off the back of the NEC because they weren’t quite big enough to fill it. Was still gutsy, scratchy, pre-lush orchestration indie REM (the best kind) but a proper stadium-massive someone’s-been-to-see-U2 presentation, all big screens and eco slogans.

Thanks to the Tourfilm DVD of those Green shows, I seem to remember the whole night being in grainy black and white. Which, of course, would be weird.


Hmm it’s a song I am very sick of hearing and not very representitive of the band despite largely defining them in the eyes of a huge number of people - but all that aside I’d say it’s a decent song.


Saw them in 95 on the Monster tour. Never saw them again and I don’t really know why. I kind of hope they don’t reform.


I saw them on that tour too! Second day of the Milton Keynes Bowl dates. They were supported by Sleeper, Radiohead and the Cranberries. Strange to think there was a time when the Cranberries were a bigger band than Radiohead.

Oh it was also the very first concert I ever went to and it was AMAZING.


@beastie post the setlists!






i imagine the monster stuff was really fun live


The support bands you saw were a lot better than the one’s I saw. Magnapop, The Beautiful South and Belly.


Was a great gig. Country Feedback into Losing My Religion was a highlight I particularly REMember.