R.E.M Thread


First time I saw them was Glastonbury 2003, don’t know if it was just where I was standing or what but the bit when the guitar comes in on Drive was fucking immense. Also Electrolite was really great.


I think I still have a recording of the concert on tape somewhere, as Radio 1 did a live broadcast of it too.


Michael Stipe is doing a talk about his art at the ICA next month FYI


Stay indoors that day as I loved Monster so much and taped that whole gig off the radio. What a set.

Only saw them once myself, despite then comfortably being in my top 3 bands ever since… Well, just about the first time I heard them.


Recall waiting the whole weekend to see them and when they arrived on stage, the crowd was flat and they opened with a couple of songs I barely knew. I get peer-pressured into going to The Prodigy but as I neared the stage, I realised ‘what am I doing?!’ and sprinted back.

Missed a couple of belters and half of the set wasn’t amazing due to the LP it was covering, but that run of Electrolite, One I love, Losing my religion and Fall on me was incredible and made it worthwhile. But the highlight was Let me in. Had no idea they’d play that live and it was a dream come true, as a huge fan of Monster.


Saw them on that tour too, also my first ever gig. They were immense.


I was at the other night with Blur as the support. One of the best shows I ever saw I think


This was my first gig. 13 years old.


REM related stuff:

Michael Stipe is doing a conversation with Miranda Sawyer/Q&A thing at The ICA on Saturday 1st September.


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I saw them supporting U2 at Milton Keynes bowl in 1985. Also at the NEC on the green tour. So so good.


Whilst we are comparing set lists, this was the one and only time I saw them


Stereolab supported.


That’s the best setlist posted on here by far!


Yeah, seem to recall loving it but then saw Hole later in the same week which is still one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to so overshadowed it a bit!




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been on a REM obsesso-streak since Saturday.

Lifes Rich Pageant is my clear favourite as an older listener. I don’t think I have a negative opinion on any aspect of it. Singalong bangers. Good ratio of Stipe obliqueness/hooky ideas. Fantastic instrumentation. Good production. Cool vibe.


Been listening to Up a bit the last couple days. Some really nice chilled tracks hidden in it.


Gonna be a pop-tart and say that Automatic just pips it, but both Lifes Rich Pageant and Fables of the Reconstruction are both really close behind. No shame in being a close second to a probable top-20-ever


Up has aged well, I think. There are some good moments. For me it’s the last R.E.M. that I have any interest in returning to. After that I pretty much just gave up.


Swan Swan H is one of my favourite REM tracks