R.E.M Thread


Excellent shout on ‘Oh My Heart’, that song doesn’t get enough love.
The “it’s sweet and it’s sad and it’s true, how it doesn’t look bitter on you” line floors me, the refrain harmonies floor me…
If it had come out 20 years prior it’d be hailed as a classic.


I can’t play the post-New Adventures game in good conscience because as far as I’m concerned Up deserves to be part of R.E.M.'s ‘classic’ period (and like folk have said, the playlist would be most of the record). So, considering Reveal onwards (no attempt at creating a coherent tracklist):

The Lifting
Saturn Return
Imitation Of Life
Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Man-Sized Wreath
Supernatural Superserious
Sing For The Submarine
It Happened Today
Walk It Back

(in my world ATS doesn’t exist, sorry)


They’re up there but probably not the greatest.


I’m glad people are able to get so much joy out of latter day rem. I’m a grumpy old bastard with a no bill berry, no rem philosophy (new adventures grudgingly excepted, obviously, I’m not insane)


But Bill was still in the band then!


Gonna need names.


lol don’t know what happened with the quote there.


You are right and I’m an idiot.

In my defence it was twenty years ago.

Anyway it confirms my belief they were good when it was the four of them : buck, mills, Berry, me like the poster says.


whhhhaaaat? really? I thought it was “come in and try to wake her up?”


Swans, Sonic Youth, The Doors.


Well your original quote would make perfect sense if you swap New Adventures for Up.


The Doors?! Not fit to lace Bill Berry’s farm boots.


‘Up’ is definitely too long and in the wrong order. Here is my alternative ‘Up’ tracklist:

  1. Walk Unafraid
  2. At My Most Beautiful
  3. Hope
  4. You’re in the Air
  5. Diminshed
  6. The Apologist
  7. Sad Professor
  8. Why Not Smile
  9. Daysleeper
  10. Suspicion
  11. Falls To Climb


Just in case you are interested, Jude Rogers recently picked ‘Up’ as an album ‘that only she likes’ on this episode of the Bigmouth podcast:


I’d personally trim You’re in the Air and Parakeet. I’ve always been fond of Airportman and think it’s not a bad opener, it does wrong foot you if you’re expecting REM though. I’m on the fence with Diminished. I do like it, but not sure it helps the flow of the album.


I don’t mind ‘Airportman’, however, i think it is a terrible opener and i’m not sure where else to put it! Maybe it could work as a final track (it would have to be trimmed down a bit though). I’ve always disliked ‘Lotus’, although it is one of only a couple of uptempo songs on the album. It has to go though because it is rubbish.


It’s not a “big” opening song I agree, as you say, not sure where else it would go, a hidden track after a minutes silence at the end of the album? I personally like the way it eases you in but I can see it not being to everyones taste. I like Lotus…would make a better opener maybe.


Let’s pretend that’s what I said.


thought Lotus was better live.


2 out of isn’t bad though,