R.E.M Thread


Watching this now. It’s the broadcast version I would have seen on MTV as a kid and it is bringing back all sorts of memories. I’d say I watched it every weekend for a few years until my Mam taped over my VHS copy of it. Even ‘She Just Wants To Be’ is great!


I picked on the most egregious :laughing: Don’t know Swans’ output, tbf.


Post new adventures compilation:

Walk Unafraid
Imitation of Life
Leaving New York
The Great Beyond
Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Man Sized Wreath

At a push Supernatural Superserious is fun, Uberlin is reasonable, and many find some of the less obvious tracks on Up as faves (e.g. Sad Professor, Diminished). Also I suppose most people would include At My Most Beautiful.

For my money, Hope is probably my favourite set of Stipe lyrics and a great song whatever one’s take on their back catalogue.


quite like The Eternal tbh. not as patchy as Rather Ripped.


also i really liked Accelerate at first, nice change up after they’d gone boring for a while, but it’s one of those albums where after a few listens the novelty wears off and a lot of the songs start to feel very hollow and weak.

still a couple of bangers on it though, Living Well is the Best Revenge particularly.

haven’t listened to Collapse Into Now since just after it came out actually



see also: falls to climb


Agreed, Hope is a great song. Along with Walk Unafraid and Daysleeper, they alone keep me coming back to Up for more listens.


Orange Crush live on Mark & Lard, great version of a top 5 REM song. Can’t wait for this box set.


its “call me when you try to wake her up”


according to my facebook memories it’s 7 years today since they announced their split, so here’s to them :beers:


Bloody love Hope.


It is, and I can tell you that with 100% certainty because it’s also my birthday today. The dickheads


ANOTHER birthday?!

happy birthday pal! x


Thanks man! Hoping you got me a nice reformed-R.E.M-shaped present?


no can do, i’m afraid. please instead enjoy this photograph of michael’s big beard:






I’m not sure if it’s from the same gig, but there’s also a version of Lucky with Michael Stipe on lead vocals.



Definitely not the same gig.


fuck me, how have i not seen this before?