R.E.M Thread


Another one from the boxset


For fucksake, that’s an excellent version. These releases mean that I’m almost certainly going to part with cash for the box set in a few weeks.


‘Nightswimming’ is such a beautiful song. That & ‘Find The River’…best last two songs on an album ever?




Nightswimming is possibly my favourite song of all time so I’ma go with, yes!


It’s magnificent isn’t it? Wistful, romantic, sweet. Never fails to make my hair stand on end.

Feels like the kind of thing Tom Waits would have written.


Yeah it just soars. Wistful, refleftive and poignant. Gets me every time.


It’s amazing how good they are, that they can follow such a fantastic song with an equally (some* might say even better) fantastic song.



Man On The Moon, Nightswimming and Find The River.

Very often when I’m about 15 minutes away from my home on a night out I put those three track on. Perfect way of ending a night out. (Works best in autumn/winter months.)


I agree with what everyone is saying here about songs they love from AFTP but I would like to state that I think ‘Drive’ is actually the best song on that album. When the overdrive guitar comes in… ahhhhhh.


When I had AFTP on cassette, those couple of seconds before Drive began were torturous. As soon as it began I knew the next 49 minutes or so were going to be alright, no matter what kind of maelstrom was going on around me.


The strings on that song sound amazing too.


Just done this on the tram home. Lovely!


I don’t get choked up by songs too often, but this is one that always does it. Perfect ‘rolling’ piano from Mills.


I want to get very drunk and misty eyed listening to their entire back catalogue with fellow people of taste.


is there a sign-up sheet for this anywhere?


*and me


Brilliant shout that.


Just off to put a few bottles and a sleeping bag in my car, see you in a bit.


Ah, all this AFTP love. I need to relisten now. Can’t pick a best song though. Prob Drive but that last run of three…