R.E.M Thread


Somebody post the 98 Jools Country Feedback video please. Again. Just the best thing ever.


I can’t really judge them objectively because they were just one of those huge bands growing up, but I think peter buck does some good guitar stuff, especially on their earlier stuff, he is like a less flashy johnny marr, that quintessential 80’s college rock sound, but guess their big hits from their peak era were fairly basic acoustics strum alongs


yeah see I think Johnny Marr is a pretty boring guitarist and would take Vauxhall and I over any and all smiths stuff.

Different strokes of course x


yup. I’ve actually gone back to them the last week or so for the first time in a bit.

I went and listened to Automatic again (after reading tQ article). I always treated it with a bit of disrespect. It’s the big album, with all the big singles you overhear, and I couldn’t bear to listen to Everybody Hurts again. But, it’s a great album and it felt fresh to hear it again.

I’ve also had Chronic Town on repeat. Mainly because I found a playlist somebody made on Spotify which has the version with the different vocal take on Gardening at Night. This is the version that was on the RSD vinyl copy I got a few years ago. It’s the version off Eponymous. Does anyone know which is the original version? Why does my RSD vinyl have a a different vocal? Did the band end up preferring it and used that instead?


Also noting how Mike Mills was their secret weapon. Excellent bass player and a superb backing singer.


And songwriter…


That too! The whole band were great for that.


Yeah. No weak link. For all the quality they put later on I think Bill Berry’s unsung contribution was highlighted after he left.



this song has a real “dirty” quality to it, i love how unrelentless it is


Plus actor.


The song that got me into R.E.M. and into decent music in generally, aged 12. Followed by my first gig, seeing them on the Monster tour in Huddersfield. Not a bad first gig!


I can’t put my finger on it…maybe it’s the drums actually? they always sound like they are playing too much within themselves, I don’t hear the dirty quality, sure the guitars are distorted but everything is so in it’s place and not in a way that has any kind of artistic affect on me, to me it sounds like a good song played by a cover band for a levi’s commercial or something.


anyway it’s ok to like or not like all music.

I’ll give them another proper shot some day, enjoy your thread guys



Another from Hi-Fi:

Fun fact: this was REM’s second highest charting UK single.

Here’s a question: where should I start with early-era REM? I absolutely love Monster and Hifi but don’t know Murmur, Document etc that well.

(Also, in my opinion they were great even in their overplayed commercial heyday)


Start with ‘Murmur’ and go chronologically. Bar the slight wobble of ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction’ all the I.R.S. records are great.


i bought E-Bow on tape, was sure it got to no 5 (I’m sure I can google it…). One of their best.

Erm, on early stuff I would really go chronological. And I would start with Chronic town, it’s a phenomenal debut EP, followed by a an equally astounding first album. They do develop and progress and the quality doesn’t drop so yeah, I would go in order. It’s nice to see how they become that later band.


Electrolite is a beaut.


Bonus trivia question: 10 points for the first person to name REM’s highest charting UK single (without Googling it, Marckee)


Imitation of Life


My favourite from ‘New Adventures…’.