R.E.M Thread


Love AFTP. Always thought I would be in a minority being a fan of Drive… it’s a brilliant song and an odd choice for an opener. Think the whole album is a cracker, though Everybody Hurts is a bit much to stomach nowadays.


When I was younger and stupider and didn’t like AFTP because it was in the charts and I was too cool for chart music and my mum had bought a copy, Drive was the only song on the album that I admitted to liking. Still one of my all time favourite REM songs.


I can’t imagine it being anything other than an opener or a closer. Genuinely brilliant, totally REM but new sounding for them, still has that deep south sound sonehow


You could make a playlist of just REM album opening tracks and it would be better than 90% of all albums.




My favourite from AFTP has always been ‘Sweetness Follows’. Breaks my heart every time.


This was my sleepy-time headphones playlist last night. I might extend it further this evening :slight_smile:

At My Most Beautiful
Why Not Smile?
Falls To Climb
Get Up
You Are The Everything
The Wrong Child
Half A World Away
Me In Honey


I still stand by Everybody Hurts.


I can’t like enough posts in this thread


A sleepy time playlist needs Star Me Kitten


I was going to move into AFTP, but I got too sleepy :slight_smile:


I just feel a bit self conscious when I’m standing in my kitchen doing the washing up to it singing it really loud.


Loving some Fables Of The Reconstruction right now


That is such a great song. I’m not much an R.E.M. fan (in the sense of not knowing their albums very well but I’ve got the part lies, part truth best of) and there’s so nostalgic but timeless about that and that they were a big commercial pop band in the 90s doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would happen nowadays. Makes me want to get this box set and dig deep in their catalogue.


Someone from here posted this version once in a different topic (can’t remember who, or what for, may have been a Jools Holland video thing), and i’ve been trying to find it ever since, as last time I looked I couldn’t find it on YouTube or anywhere. But it’s just one of those special moments where someone takes a perfect song and makes it even better.

There are a few songs that just sound like nostalgia. And they make you nostalgic for that time or place, even though you have no connection to it. This is one of them.


That look between Stipe and Mills at the end, dear friends who love each other.


It’s our ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’. Wonderful song.


it never used to be my favourite but it’s the most enduring one for sure. if i was to go back and listen to one track from it that’s the one. the soul of the album, in a way.


i prefer Out of Time to AFTP. i dunno if it’s because i played it to death when i was younger or because my tastes have changed, probably a bit of both, probably more of the former - but i couldn’t stick listening to the album again. Sweetness Follows and Nightswimming are the exceptions, both beautiful songs.
Ignoreland reminds me of Electioneering on OK Computer, they probably put it there to break up the tempo but you just kind of think ‘you don’t really belong here’


Bored so here’s my personal best of REM picking at least one track from each album

  1. Shaking Through
  2. So
  3. Driver 8
  4. Swan Swan H
  5. The One I Love
  6. Stand
  7. Losing My Religion
  8. Country Feedback
  9. Drive
  10. Monty Got a Raw Deal
  11. Let Me In
  12. Leave
  13. So Fast, So Numb
  14. Lotus
  15. Imitation of Life
  16. Leaving New York
  17. Houston
  18. Überlin