R.E.M Thread


I’m pretty sure someone needs to start a vote here to determine the favourite song off each album


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a volunteer! Thanks


You know what? I fucking love R.E.M.


Fucking Hell, forgot how much I love ‘Shaking Through’.




Favorite track on Automatic for the People

  • Drive
  • Try Not to Breathe
  • The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
  • Everybody Hurts
  • New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
  • Sweetness Follows
  • Monty Got a Raw Deal
  • Ignoreland
  • Star Me Kitten
  • Man on the Moon
  • Nightswimming
  • Find the River

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This is fucking impossible.


Favorite track on Green

  • Pop Song 89
  • Get Up
  • You Are the Everything
  • Stand
  • World Leader Pretend
  • The Wrong Child
  • Orange Crush
  • Turn You Inside-Out
  • Hairshirt
  • I Remember California
  • Untitled

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Been thinking of starting up a thread along these lines for a while, but not got round to it. Any appetite for a weekly DiS R.E.M listening club?

Album by album in chronological order - one per week until the bitter end. Been hammering their back catalogue this year anyway with the RU Talking R.E.M podcast, but always glad of an excuse to listen and drone on about them even more. Being drunk and misty eyed is optional. So…

  • I Am Talkin’ R.E.M
  • I Am Not Talkin’ R.E.M

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Favorite track on Murmur

  • Radio Free Europe
  • Pilgrimage
  • Laughing
  • Talk About the Passion
  • Moral Kiosk
  • Perfect Circle
  • Catapult
  • Sitting Still
  • 9–9
  • Shaking Through
  • We Walk
  • West of the Fields

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Favorite track on Reckoning.

  • Harborcoat
  • 7 Chinese Bros
  • So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)
  • Pretty Persuasion
  • Time After Time (Annelise)
  • Second Guessing
  • Letter Never Sent
  • Camera
  • (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville
  • Little America

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Surprised no-one went for Monty Got a Raw Deal - was close to being my choice


would you say that monty got a raw deal got a raw deal?


No I wouldn’t


oh. :frowning:


Marvellous. Will post up our first album Monday morning :+1:


My choice of Pilgrimage wasn’t popular. To think for a split second I almost went for 9-9, just because of how much I love its youthful wackiness


For me on this album there are no obvious stand out tracks as everything is so good. On another day I could have easily voted for Pilgrimage.


I’ll never forget how lucky I was to see them on their last tour and they actually played Pilgrimage. Never thought I’d see it. I’m sure they played two from Murmur but can’t remember which other