R.E.M Thread


That’s cool. I saw them on their final tour but they didn’t play anything from Murmur, they played a couple of tracks from Reckoning (Pretty Persuasion and 7 Chinese Bros) which was great but I would have loved to have heard something from Murmur as well.


I was wrong, only 1 from Murmur. But we did get These Days, Harborcoat, Exhuming Mccarthy and disturbance at the Heron House


Time After Time was my least favourite song! (I actually love it)


Looking at those track listings reminds me that Reckoning is actually better than Murmur, isn’t it?


definitely found it harder to pick a favourite on Reckoning. I could have gone for any one of five tracks, whereas Murmur was a straightforward toss up between Perfect Circle and Radio Free Europe.


The other thing that irks me about Around The Sun is the artwork. Shiiiiite. A blight on an otherwise great run of album art over the whole career.


I don’t think Out of Time has great album art to be honest.


yes @drake


Aye, it is a bit nothingy in a visual sense. Not really a fan of that record either tbh. Apart from Near Wild Heaven.


Whilst it’s not one of their better albums it does contain two of their best songs. Losing My Religion and Country Feedback. It’s also the first REM I heard and got into.


Look what I found in a record shop today!


They look so young!


We all did 35 years ago.


And Me In Honey. My favourite song on that album.


And Texarkana, which is Secret Weapon Mike Mills’ highlight on the record.


4 songs mentioned and not one of them is Half a World Away - shocking stuff


half a world away is staggeringly beautiful. bands have built entire careers on lesser songs than that. incredible that it’s just tucked away as an album track, really.


I think we all can just agree that ‘Out of Time’ is an excellent album.


i posted it upthread but i think the Out of Time material really came into its own on mTV Unplugged.


I think Out of Time is a strange one. It’s clearly their pop-mainstream, singles-heavy album, and it has some real career highs in Losing My Religion, Half a World Away, and Country Feedback. But it does feel a bit disjointed and all over the shop. Radio Song could have been a great song but has just been messed with to the point of irritation. Low is fine but feels out of sequence at track 3. Endgame and Belong are very average and both last way too long for what are effectively passing interludes. The stretch of the last 4 tracks is one of their best runs, comparable to the last 4 on Automatic for the People or the opening salvo of Life’s Rich Pageant, but all in all I think Out of Time is the dictionary definition of a 7/10 album. Certainly the main contender for weakest of their classics alongside Document in my eyes.

I’ve been listening to the 1991 unplugged album a lot since @no-class recommended it upthread and I’d agree that a lot of the Out of Time material sounds better there than on the record itself. Radio Song and Low in particular are miles ahead.