R.E.M Thread


Radio Song is the low point for me. I can get on with Shiny Happy People, which many seem to struggle with, but the thought of Radio Song has put me off listening to Out Of Time a lot more than I otherwise would have. The KRS-One rap just screams ‘transparent down-with-the-kids marketing decision’.


Yeah I never realised until the Canon Hip-Hop thread that KRS-one was one of the most important and brilliant rappers of his generation. Genuinely thought he was a comedy act up until that point, and Radio Song was 100% the reason why. His inclusion just does not work. In fact it sinks an otherwise enjoyable song (hence the Unplugged version being far superior)


it was a weird time for this kind of thing, Sonic Youth and Chuck D was similarly ham-fisted


That was so, so shit.


Goo is still their best album though


AFTP seems to be pretty unanimous as far as voting goes but I’m enjoying seeing the battles for the other album votes. Be interesting to see which songs make the final cut for the DiS ‘best of’

Speaking of which, time for a beastly escapade of a double whammy…


Favorite track on Monster

  • What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
  • Crush with Eyeliner
  • King of Comedy
  • I Don’t Sleep, I Dream
  • Star 69
  • Strange Currencies
  • Tongue
  • Bang and Blame
  • I Took Your Name
  • Let Me In
  • Circus Envy
  • You

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Favorite track on New Adventures in Hi-Fi

  • How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us
  • The Wake-Up Bomb
  • New Test Leper
  • Undertow
  • E-Bow the Letter
  • Leave
  • Departure
  • Bittersweet Me
  • Be Mine
  • Binky the Doormat
  • Zither
  • So Fast, So Numb
  • Low Desert
  • Electrolite

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The chorus of radio song is beautiful, the rest is awful


i randomly woke up with How The West Was Won in my head this morning. no match for E-Bow but it’s a seriously underrated song in their repertoire


I onlty heard Bang and Blame for the first time this week. Amazed it’s past me by and wa sso successful


It’s a ruthless vote, I guess in the end you just have to pick the song you know you can’t live without.

So many bangers I could have voted for.


I found it really hard to vote on New Adventures… Were it not for the siren, I think I’d have gone Leave - but that siren… that bloody siren.

As it is, E-Bow is probably in my top 5 REM tracks. Love the Patti Smith backing vocals so much, gives it a bit of a haunting quality.

Think there’s a few underrated tracks on there as well as the opener. Undertow, Bitterwseet Me (think that had The Passenger as a B-side), So Fast So Numb.


the instrumentation on this album is a Buck tour de force, i really love the guitar tones on the rockier numbers as well.


I prefer a lot of the guitar on the rockier stuff from New Adventures to most of what’s on Monster.


I’ve bought that new box set on pre-order. Looking forward to going through it in disc order. There’s eight of them.


I still really like Shiny Happy People. Fuck the haters.


the verses deserve a better chorus


Fucking hate radio song. Got to be one of their all time stinkers (unplugged excepted). Seriously puts me off listening to out of time. That coupled with losing my religion being second. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s a classic, just don’t want to hear it again I’ve heard it so much.


I went Leave because of the siren!

When you look at that tracklisting you realise just what an incredible album New Adventures is. I could easily have gone for E-Bow, Electrolite, So Fast So Numb, Bittersweet Me or Be Mine instead