R.E.M Thread


Just found out about this. THANK YOU targetted advertising

"In an award-winning programme first broadcast on RTÉ, Ken Sweeney tells the story of R.E.M.'s rise to fame and how they managed to turn the alternative mainstream.

Ken travels to Georgia, to hear how R.E.M. set out from their home town of Athens as evangelists for a new alternative music which returned to simple melody and jangling guitars.

What R.E.M. achieved was beyond their wildest dreams, but it took nearly a decade for them to get there."


Saw this before and managed to listen to the first 20 mins or so, great stuff!


Kind of surprised this amazing performance of Country Feedback on Jools Holland isn’t on the box set. I think I got originally got it as a b-side to an ‘Up’ single (can’t remember which one), and it utterly floored me. My favourite version of this song.


Weird… I’m pretty certain it’s on the two disc version? Would be strange to leave it off the box.

EDIT: Track 10 on disc 1: https://www.remhq.com/news/r-e-m-at-the-bbc-coming-october-19th-read-press-release/


Ah, looks like it’s on the DVD, not the audio!


It’s on the b-side to At My Most Beautiful, along with a rollicking cover of Passenger also from the Jools session.

Sublime version of Country Feedback though - I remember playing it to death on both the single and the video of the set I’d taped from the tv.


This is a scandal! So, i’ve just bought the big box-set version for £60 and it turns out i don’t get the audio of ‘Country Feedback’ or ‘Nightswimming’ from Jools Holland? In order to get everything, i need to buy the 2-CD version as well?! I hate it when record companies do this sort of thing.


SHIIIIIIIIT. I have this on cassette single in my parents’ house! I must get it back!


Yeah, I dug out my copy this morning & gave it a good blast. I don’t know if the cassette version has the Passenger cover on, but check out the bass if it does and you get the tape back - you could lag yer attic with it!



This version of Country Feedback is amazing. I still can’t work out if I prefer this version or the one on Road Movie. That one made me fall in love with Peter Buck’s Rickembacker and was powerful. This one might just trump it…


I think this is the best version I’ve heard


Favorite track on Fables of the Reconstruction

  • “Feeling Gravitys Pull”
  • “Maps and Legends”
  • “Driver 8”
  • “Life and How to Live It”
  • “Old Man Kensey”
  • “Cant Get There from Here”
  • “Green Grow the Rushes”
  • “Kohoutek”
  • “Auctioneer (Another Engine)”
  • “Good Advices”
  • “Wendell Gee”

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Lifes Rich Pageant

  • “Begin the Begin”
  • “These Days”
  • “Fall on Me”
  • “Cuyahoga”
  • “Hyena”
  • “Underneath the Bunker”
  • “The Flowers of Guatemala”
  • “I Believe”
  • “What If We Give It Away?”
  • “Just a Touch”
  • “Swan Swan H”
  • “Superman”

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Listening to Reckoning now, but not quite ready to share thoughts yet - later this week I reckon. That said, Camera is too quietly heartbreaking for words. You could parse this song in a dozen ways and reach a dozen different truths, and that’s the beauty of Stipe’s lyrics. Me? I listen to that gorgeous chorus and hear:

“You’re no longer with us, and it’s up to me to guard and treasure and preserve your memory forever and all. But without you here to inspire me, I can only ever fail”.

and it hurts so much.


Based on a real life photographer and friend of the band who died tragically young iirc


Yeah, she died in a car crash. I think she and Stipe were a couple too.


This probably marks a good spot to ask DiS for your favorite song on Document

  • “Finest Worksong”
  • “Welcome to the Occupation”
  • “Exhuming McCarthy”
  • “Disturbance at the Heron House”
  • “Strange”
  • “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
  • “The One I Love”
  • “Fireplace”
  • “Lightnin’ Hopkins”
  • “King of Birds”
  • “Oddfellows Local 151”

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Actually, listening now, I think I misvoted. How the fuck does I Believe only have one vote?! It might actually be R.E.M.'s best song ever and that’s high praise indeed.


LRP is such a great record though, in their top three easily for me. I voted for I Believe but I could easily have gone for Begin The Begin, These Days, Fall On Me or Cuyahoga without thinking I was making a terrible mistake.