R.E.M Thread


Yeah, that would be my guess. 5 or 6 in the charts?


I am thinking it actually made no1 but I could be wrong. I’m not googling it!


Nope, this reached number 6.


Great Beyond innit?


10 points to @TKC


Ok yeah I decided to google it. Not the best UK chart position…




Well done! That was a tricky one.


Happy I at least got the chart position correct. Small victories.


I always forget about that song but I bought the single, I should have known better. It is great though, one of the high points post-Berry


some time circa the mid-nineties I bought that army colour t-shirt with the star on that Stipe is wearing there, then shortly after Jon Bon Jovi started wearing it so my friends mocked me and I couldn’t wear it anymore


‘Imitation Of Life’ is the song that got me into R.E.M.! I bought the single, followed by ‘Reveal’ and then I was hooked. I can trace all my musical interests back to buying that single and then seeing them play that gig in Cologne on MTV that year. Life defining moments.


Quite liked ‘I’ll Take The Rain’ from that record.


I’d have to go for The Chorus and the Ring. For some reason it always stood out for me.


Love that song, along with ‘Beat A Drum’.


Like @Kallgeese says, I’d start with Murmur and work through from there. It’s an incredible debut and I love how you can hear a gradual evolution of the band. They slowly move from the cryptic to the more direct over the course of those five records, before the relative handbrake turn of Green.

Lifes Rich Pageant might be my favourite of those early records as a kind of halfway house between their two eras - These Days, Fall on Me, Cuyahoga, Flowers of Guatemala - great songs.

Fables… has muddy production and the pace is slowed right down, but I still think there’s gold hidden under the murk - and the old southern gothic album concept is pretty beguiling…for a kid from Lancashire at least.


ooh i know this one EBOW THE LETTER! (mad innit)

that had better be right now


oh bollocks I’ve done myself there haven’t I

great band


new fans (and old!) may enjoy this poll that Slicing Up Eyeballs did a few weeks back.
supposedly 64,000 people voted. seems the farther we get from their splitting up moment, the more people have come around to the idea that it was the pre-Warners albums that were the best.
make of that what you must


Whenever anyone asks me who my favourite band ever is, I always say Arab Strap, Future of the left or Underworld. No idea, but I always forget REM.

That’s REM, the band who shaped the music I love now, produced a dozen or so great albums and who still sound amazing (unlike most of the stuff I bought in the 90s).

Great band. Put on Monster at least every 6 months without fail.