R.E.M Thread




I only really know the singles. Probably missing some good stuff…


Oh come on, I love Fall on me but really, I mean, really? I guess that’s democracy for you


Any idea how Mick Jagger ranks them?


And I don’t think it’s saying 64,000 people voted. There were 64,000 votes, each person could vote for up to 25 of their favourite REM songs.


Yeah, they’re really good aren’t they.

Still not listened to that much beyond ‘hits’ and the band-compiled best-of, which is really good. I love the liner notes/commentary.


Great song. I wrote a song a few years ago and was surprised that it wasn’t as shit as usual , then I realized I had basically just straight up copied this song that I had listened to a few weeks earlier.


I reckon they’d probably be my favourite band if I was alive pre-Radiohead.


Opinions and all, but I’d pretty much agree with that top 10. Would almost certainly have Fall on Me at #1.


Fall on me is an absolute tune


If anyone asks me, REM are always my favourite band. Since the Automatic days when I remember hearing ‘Sidewinder…’, ‘Man on the Moon’, and ‘Everybody Hurts’ on the radio I was in love with the melodies and Stipe’s voice.

First album I bought was Monster on cassette whilst on an exchange in Germany. It wasn’t what I expected and tbh wasn’t what I had hoped for. Yet, after listening to it constantly for the remainder of the trip I was waiting with baited breath for the release of New Adventures…

So much to love about them. They knew how to write a killer pop song, there are so many salacious hooks and each album (even Around The Sun) has some belting tracks on. I’d argue that the majority of albums up to Up have very little in the way of dead / filler tracks.

And to echo @Kallgeese above, Mike Mills is understated. His harmonies, bass playing and occasional lead vocals (check out Yellow River) - simply perfect contrast to the more guttural vocals from Stipe.


wait, what?
there was a RSD release of chronic town that I missed?

got into rem not long after I had my first cd player in the late 80’s so lots of their stuff I only had on cd
luckily I still had a lot of the 12"s & the albums up to document on vinyl
so wish I had naïf on vinyl


I think monster is under rated, whenever I want to reexperience what the mid 90s actually felt like, that album will take me back


There was but it was probably 5 years ago or so. I also don’t remember whether it was available in the UK, I ended up buying it off ebay for a silly sum. Lovely blue vinyl.


looked it up - 2010

have you heard the MFP pressings of murmur & reckoning?
completely different mixes


I didn’t know about them, I’ll give them a look up. Thanks for getting the RSD year right, I can now find the pics in my archive!


Ooooooooooo shiny


sorry for mentioning them then - they can be quite pricey too!


Perfect Circle :heart:

Automatic for the People was the first album I ever bought and was my favourite album for a really long time


A song I love that I always forget about is At My Most Beautiful. I remember when it came out thinking that it (and Up in general) was such a great and needed departure in sound at that stage of their career. That song and Daysleeper convinced my they could still write a classic without Bill.