R.E.M Thread


Up is so underrated, probably was such a departure that it threw people off a little.


Daysleeper’s one of my favourites. One for the shift workers among us.


Agreed. I was expecting a tonne of Automatic type stuff, I really wasn’t expecting the dirty, grungy - almost scuzzy feel of Monster at all. But I soon grew to love it immensely. It’s a great rock record.


Not usually one for bands releasing singles compilations, but REM’s one is stone cold proof what a solid band they were across their career (aside from the latter couple of poor albums).

Also, listening to REM really puts into perspective how shit and derivative Idlewild became post-Remote Part. Seriously, they’re like the absolute shittest REM tribute band ever.


what is MFP please? never heard of these different mixes!


I think you meant to ask me…
& it was a typo

should have said MFS - mobile fidelity sound laboratories




looks amazing. the Out Of Time demos were pretty fascinating, i prefer the demo of Half A World Away to the finished version.


I was just thinking it’s felt like an age since the Out Of Time reissue, but that was a 25th anniversary edition as well. Looking forward to seeing if they’ll continue on with the others. I can see a New Adventures box set being particularly interesting.


Yeah definitely… must be plenty of recorded-on-the-road stuff floating around from that era.


the gig at the 40 watt club is pretty darn good
no idea why they aren’t including the encore version of drive though - its not like recordings of it don’t exist (he says looking at his cd’s…)


I loved this song so much as a teenager I staged a gcse drama piece around it :smiley:




I don’t suppose you know if there’s many live bootlegs from that era? Am I right in thinking they never toured Out Of Time or Automatic?


That’s right, they were concentrating on songwriting I guess because they knew they were on an extremely hot streak. Bizarre though considering they’re some of the biggest albums of the last thirty years.


Watched the REM by MTV doc the other night. It’s really damn good.


Reckoning always gets underrated, it’s by far my favourite thing they’ve done. Harborcoat is my go to REM song


The new (old) song ‘Mike’s Pop Song’ is really sweet. I imagine an alternative history where they never met Michael Stipe and put out stuff like it all the time.


i have a few
the bingo handjob gigs in London
a compilation of radio appearances called half a world away that is brilliant.loads of weird covers like the mary tyler moore theme, Jackson, fever & stuff (also has the mtv unplugged show)
& the aforementioned Athens 40 watt club show