R.E.M Thread

Me In Honey > Near Wild Heaven > Country Feedback > Losing My Religion > Endgame > Half A World Away > Texarkana > Shiny Happy People > Low > Belong > Radio Song

Endgame always does a number on me for some reason, definitively more lodged in my brain than about half the record.

Anyway, imagine that track list isn’t even in your top 7/8 albums. Good band.


I learnt endgame when I got my first Spanish acoustic. It’s really nice to play! A definite earworm for me

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I know it’s been played to death and all that but Losing My Religion is a stonking song and will always be my fave off OOT.


I can’t believe that there are people who think ‘Shiny Happy People’ is a better track than ‘Low’.

  • Shiny Happy People
  • Low
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i was out last night and man on the moon came on in the pub and i thought, “i wonder what a hard rock version of this would sound like?”


Thanks to a common acronym I’m now also ranking tracks from the Ocarina of Time in my head

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Ganondorf on the church organ>>>everything else

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There’s a lot of REM stuff in the water at the minute…is it too much to hope for a run of limited engagement type shows?


I’d be happy enough for Michael’s solo LP to finally release and some shows.
Or any of the Buck and/or Mills projects to play here.


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Listening to this now. God, it’s so good. The early (but near-enough complete) version of Belong is wonderful. Also love how they nonchalantly toss off The One I Love second song in like it was nothing instead of their biggest ever hit at the time

Buck’s band The No Ones played in Cardiff last month and I missed it :grimacing:

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Was gutted they didn’t do any Ireland shows at all.
Fascinated and jealous seeing Buck, Mills and even Berry (and rem touring member Scott) playing at both Baseball Project and an REM tribute show fronted by Michael Shannon (General Zod) of all people! :thinking::smile:

Been working my way through REMs back catalogue chronologically for the first time for the past year or so. I just recently got to Out of Time so enjoying the chat here!

You could begin to hear them expand their sound on Green but this is the first album where they’ve pretty much left their original “college rock” sound behind (not that that’s a bit thing - it seemed like they’d taken it as far as they could tbh).

I get the feeling they didnt really know what sound to go for and its a bit uneven but the highs are amazing - as folk have mentioned Near Wild Heaven, Half a world away, Country Feedback and Me in the Honey are all absolute winners.

Losing My Religion and Shiny Happy both still sound amazing. Always heard Shiny got a bad rep amongst their older fans but its clearly a great tune despite being overplayed. Was it an issue with this song specifically or did it just take the brunt of fans not liking the fact they were moving on from their original sound? If that was the case then Radio song seems like a more obvious target! :laughing:

Endgame and Belong are weird ones - I think on a tonally consistent album having some scene setting instrumental(-ish) tracks would work - but his clearly isn’t that album as its a bit all over the place and the sequencing is a bit odd! They kind of suffer as a result.

Really enjoying listening to this though and plan to rinse it for another week or so before moving on to Automatic!


Poll’s closed, didn’t get to vote for Low.



i think the video was a big factor too, it’s a bit extra
I really like SHP though. Still think it’s a banger and has more relisten value than a lot of their other populist moments, which I’m not going to list. Would absolutely throw some shapes if it came on down the indie disco

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Shiny Happy People is a bloody great song, it’s just not as good as lots of Out Of Time. I’d rather listen to SHP than Man On The Moon or The One I Love, to name but two of their most popular songs