R.E.M Thread


I saw them at Milton Keynes Bowel on the Monster tour (Blur were the support) - definitely one of my all time top gigs


Went to that as well, seemed like the biggest tour on the planet at the time (Oasis and Blur supporting). We got The Cranberries unfortunately, but also Radiohead down the bill.


In Sven Goran Erikkson’s voice “First half…good…second half not so good”…sorry…that undersells things…really love murmur and reckoning whilst I remember Automatic for the People being huge in the early 90s - one of those LPs most families seemed to have…and it is a credit to the nation that it was. so rightly popular.


Whats everyons favourite song?


Country Feedback


welcome to the occupation


I managed to get tickets to see them at the Brixton Academy the year they headlined Glastonbury (2005?) They were very good. It was quite surreal being able to see the whites of their eyes and all that.


I love that one!


These Days


Think Glastonbury was 2003, the night before Radiohead


Yep, you’re right.


Probably “Leave” or “Country Feedback”. Ominous, doom-laden REM ftw


I remember seeing them in 2005 in Cardiff on the weekend after the 7/7 bombings, Michael wore a rugby shirt and then they announced they’d do a show in Hyde Park the week after because they’re a GBOL


Yeah, I saw them at Brixton as well - they started with Get Up from Out of Time. Nothing will ever top that gig. Seeing bona-fide musical legends that close in that intimate setting was simply awesome. Could really see what a tight unit they were and what a charismatic front man Stipe was.

So different, and so much better than seeing them at Hyde Park.


Oh, and fave song?

Country Feedback (the live version from Roadmovie) or E-Bow The Letter


“Slight wobble!” It’s still a fantastic album, much better now than when I listened to it as a kid.


those first 4 albums are my favourites, i still enjoy plenty of later stuff but those 4 are on a higher level for me (or more accurately, they’re just the ones that are most suited to the sort of thing i like)


How did this thread get over 100 posts without anyone actually posting the link

I’m gonna scroll upthread and someone will have posted it now…


Isn’t Get Up on Green?


My God that’s simply magnificent.