R.E.M Thread



Someone mentioned it here. I was a child of the late 70s / early 80s so no later than that…


One of the first songs I ever wrote was a complete rip-off of “Try Not to Breathe” so really enjoyed that, thanks. Listening to “Automatic for the People” now…


think Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite may be the best pop song ever


I don’t think I ever posted in this thread, which is nuts. I reckon R.E.M. are probably the finest rock band the US has ever produced. No one else has been so good for so long, have they?


I was at that gig. Such a good show. Zutons and Idlewild supporting.


Hyde Park was the only time that I saw them. Brilliant setlist.



I find myself listening to ‘Monster’ a lot these days. I hated it at the time, but i really like it now. ‘Kenneth’, ‘Crush’, ‘Star 69’, ‘Strange Currencies’, ‘Tongue’, ‘I Took Your Name’…all great songs.

‘Tongue’, in particular, is a real favourite. Who else would write a song from the perspective of an ‘ugly girl’ who is a ‘last ditch lay’…heartbreaking.


The only time I saw them


That opening punch of Begin The Begin, Get Up and So Fast, So Numb snared me right away. Great gig, bloody long walk home afterwards though


I was there. That setlist looks absolutely insane in retrospect.

I remember Mike Mills playing Nightswimming on the piano with Stipe sitting on top pressing the wrong keys with his feet to put him off. Great day.


Marlay Park is a proper nightmare to get to. last time i was there for Arcade Fire they were running free buses to and from the city centre so getting there was easy but with everyone leaving at the same time i had to queue for about an hour for the bus back.


You know what’s a really underrated track? Near Wild Heaven


lovely tune


kinda wish i saw them on the Accelerate tour, from memory of looking at setlists a while back they seemed to ramp up the IRS-era inclusions, especially Lifes Rich Pageant.


Loving Adventures in HiFi a lot lately

Wake Up Bomb is such a massive tune!!


In fact two of my favourite R.E.M. tracks are sung by Mike Mills (Rockville too)


found it!


Saw them in 05 at Ardgillan Castle, Dublin - amazing location!



Moby and Zutobs supports

Moby covered My Lovely Horse!


I never got the chance to see them. Thought they’d be one of those bands that’d tour forever. My only regret as a gig-goer.


‘The Wake Up Bomb’ is, allegedly, a dig at Oasis.