R.E.M Thread


They’re fully great. Not many can compete…I suppose The National have had a comparable trajectory. Incidentally I’ve recently been digging through the " R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?" podcast which is pretty amusing.


What about the Smashing Pumpkins?


I never heard that one! Was just reading the theories online


The chronology makes sense as it would have been written around summer '95 and Oasis did support REM at Slane Castle around that time.


they definitely did. Here’s the setlist from when I saw them in Cardiff on that tour. Pilgrimage!


It had been downgraded form the Millenium Stadium to the CIA due to poor ticket sales. I wasn’t complaining! Much better indoors in a smaller venue.

Amazing gig. Given I don’t remember much of seeing them at Glasto as I was off my face this would have to go down as the best I’ve seen them.


Been listening to nothing but REM for almost a month. It’s really staggering just how brilliant they were across such a long period. So many deep cuts to celebrate.

It’s been helped by the RU talking REM re me podcast being so stupid/fun, but it’s helped me finally get into Up, New adventures and some of the deeper cuts.

Then you go back and listen to Automatic and it’s just completely incredible.


A deep cut i like is ‘Falls To Climb’ from ‘Up’.


That’s a very good set and These Days is The Best REM Song™


One of my first two, and still enduring, musical loves alongside The Cure. Document/Green and Kiss Me (x3)/Disintegration eras respectively.


Only saw them once but fucking brilliant.
Played Disturbance At The Heron House too which was great.
Glad to have seen them would have loved to have went to the 5 nights they did in the Olympia Dublin.


i know a guy who went to all 5. think he ended up chatting to them and requesting a song (Welcome to the Occupation). that live album is pretty solid.


Sure is. 50 songs and pretty much all deep cuts.
Would have been amazing in a venue that size at that stage of their career too. Lucky bastard!
Stipe has been teasing solo stuff so I’d be up for checking that out.
I’d love to see them again but dont know if they have any interest in a tour or if I would even enjoy them playing enormo-Domes.
I tell you what though: for a band with as many album sales etc I maintain they are criminally underrated.


They appear to have absolutely zero interest in re-forming for a tour. They all have said, categorically, that they will never reform.

For some reason, the appeal of REM does not seem to have been passed on to subsequent generations and i don’t know why. Maybe if they had split up 10 years earlier it would have been different.


Aye, if they’d split after Out Of Time when they’d given up touring think they’d probably be more highly rated.


I don’t mind if they don’t tour again to be fair. At least I got to see them once. After 30+ years of touring they deserve a rest :slight_smile:
Maybe the appeal hasn’t passed on because you say R.E.M. to people and they just think Everybody Hurts, Shiny Happy People etc and maybe because of how succesful they got maybe they aren’t seen as cool.
People are seriously missing out though.
And now for some reason I have Driver 8 stuck in my head.


falls to climb is absolutely gorgeous

so, so much love for r.e.m. :hearts: i don’t think anyone else has been as consistently good over as long a time period as they were


Just listening to Lifes Rich Pageant and I realised for the first time that in the opening of Fall On Me, Stipe’s voice gets higher and higher as he describes something doing just the opposite (the feathers hitting the ground). He’s clever, innee?


My partner hates REM (mainly because I won’t stop evangelising about them and she likes winding me up) but even she admits Try Not To Breathe is incredible.

I remember listening to the song exploder on it and realising the references to the aids crisis and it was like hearing it for the first time again. So devastating but so tender


Only saw them the once, they opened with “Departure” and played “Life and How to Live It”: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/rem/2005/le-dome-de-marseille-marseille-france-3bd6a468.html

What a ruddy band.


I always quite liked them, saw them a few times, but it’s only the last few years i’ve come to realise actually how good they are/were. Just the weirdest band ever to be that big, I reckon. And so much fun. As noted upthread, theyre underrated…