I’m sure there were countless threads on the old boards but can’t find any on the new one’s so thought I’d start a new one to discuss all things R.E.M.

My brother was a big fan growing up and got me into Monster and New Adventures in Hi-Fi. Only recently investigated their pre 88 output and loving Murmur and Document.

So who’s a fan? Favourite albums/songs? What else should I be spending time with?


Fave albums are either New Adventures in Hi-Fi, or Automatic (I know but c’mon)
Fave songs are probably Too Fast Too Numb, Walk Unafraid, Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight, Imitation of Life
Definitely check out the Chronic Town EP if you didn’t. It’s raw and clearly an echo of the Smiths but it’s soooo good.


Huge fan here.

My favourite album is New Adventures In Hi-Fi, and the 39 Songs compilation is one of my favourite live albums.

There was a hilarious moment on the old boards when I mentioned my belief that 39 Songs is one of the all time greatest live albums. Someone replied with “You must not have heard many live albums then.” I was all like, “haha, I love jazz and I’m a Phish and Grateful Dead fan! Most of the albums I listen to are live albums!”

Oh, we had some good times, didn’t we.


I have no idea. They’ve done some of my favourite ever songs, but I find most of what they’ve done a bit…meh.

Daysleeper and At My Most Beautiful are incredible.


Favourite songs ; cuyahoga , seven chinese brothers , rockville , sidewinder sleeps , near wild heaven


mike’s voice on cuyahoga :heart:


I like REM. I think Country Feedback is their best song.


posted this loads of times but this

is the best version fo’ sho

incredible band


Thank you yuggy. I have seen that before but it’s always worth a repost :+1:


classic songs with long history, southern boys just like you and me

(document is my favourite album, closely followed by fables & lrp. dunno what my favourite song is, maybe fall on me)


Not sure about album but favourite songs:

The wrong child
World leader of pretend
The sweetness follows
Crazy (a cover but still quintessential early R.E.M.)


Came in at Document, saw them on the Green tour, Automatic For the People was the first cd I ever bought. Left them to it after New Adventures. Maybe my favourite album is Life’s Rich Pageant, maybe my favourite track is Can’t Get There From Here. Tough call.


Huge fan here too. Grew up with the IRS years comp, automatic, out of time and reveal. Spent last summer getting to grips with that run from murmur - document.

Fave album changes all the time, but probably Automatic (excluding Everybody Hurts)

Fave songs: So. Central Rain, Driver 8, Talk About the Passion, Country Feedback, Electrolite


There’s a version of So. Central Rain that formed a b-side on Document that comes after a version of Time After Time that always blows me away completely, think I’ve found it here.


Everybody Hurts is one of those songs that I never look forward to, and that I never make a point of listening to, but when it’s on I’m like “Yeah, OK.” And by the time the strings come in I find myself really enjoying it.


I find its the other way round, I can hear the first 35-40 seconds and be really into it, then when the chorus comes in I just have to skip. can’t hack it.


Such a good band that I feel dont have the recognition they deserve as an “important” band.

Near Wild Heaven is perfect


Favourite album is probably Automatic for the People, though Reckoning and Lifes Rich Pageant come close.

Despite many people saying they weren’t anywhere near as good post-Automatic/post-Bill Berry leaving, I’d argue that Around the Sun is the only out and out dud, there was always good stuff on even the later albums otherwise.


Always had a soft spot for Up and Reveal, those albums were my introduction to them.


Huge fan of these guys.

Favourite song has to be Country Feedback, and Murmur is probably my favourite album but you can’t really go wrong with any album from Murmur through to New Advertures. I’m also a big fan of Up which I think is an vastly underrated album.