R.I.P Barry Chuckle


Barry Chuckle RIP
Barry Chuckle RIP

To you





Had a feeling there’d be a big celebrity death this weekend.

Might watch the Loch Ness episode in tribute.


Poor Paul. Absolutely loved those guys as a kid. Every Saturday morning. Just a great start to the day






Feel really sad for Paul. :cry:


Few artists deliver a work this great, that late in their careers




Gone to the great Chuckle Island in the sky :pensive:




Oh dear oh dear


Barry Chuckle once put a custard pie in my dad’s face at a live show and he was absolutely livid. A truly great childhood moment. RIP


people are gonna take the piss out of this (as seen as the bad jokes here) but the Chuckle Brothers have done amazing to be around so long and still be relevant to people


To your point, this video from a couple of years ago is truly brilliant.


I think the jokes upthread are more associated to childhood memories than anything as opposed to being a means of disrespect


ine of my fave ever tv memories is when they were on Coach Trip and the activity was bath in milk and Barry was in it and Paul said is it pasteurised and Barry went nahh just up to my neck

oh god im getting sad about this


The Chucklevision theme tune playing :grin: