R.I.P Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries

Gosh :disappointed_relieved:

Oh that’s no age :frowning: She was wonderfully talented too, belter of a voice and made some great pop songs with an important social edge to them which is quite a rare thing to get right.
Zombie’s a fucking brilliant song. Shame.


Oh that’s proper shocking :cry: RIP

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probably in poor taste to say it here, but zombie is an awful song imo. i think it was wildly regarded in ireland in particular as being a bit unsubtle, to put it mildly, about a complex subject. if i recall correctly, they were a critically acclaimed band up until they released that, and then critics got a bit sniffy about them - which is sad, because they were better than that song.
anyway apologies if this seems a bit poor, and of course it’s all subjective, but just feel like contextualising it a bit as someone who grew up with that song / not been able to avoid it

Yeah course it’s fine not to like it, can see why her voice might put some off (I love it and think those people must love plain omelettes but still) but can’t really see why the song would be criticised for being UNsubtle, there’s barely any direct references in it beyond mentioning 1916. It’s an anti-war Irish pop song. Think both sides were bound to get sniffy because they’re both so incredibly confident in their own cause. Think it probably reflected how much of the youth felt in Ireland at the time and also did some good in making it mainstream, dunno.

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oh no actually i loved her vocals. always get a frisson when i hear the opening notes of Linger, in particular.

Despite living here I’ve never paid proper attention to the lyrics. Bangin tune though.

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i was easily lead by ‘critics’ at that age in fairness so maybe that plays into it. They were absolutely massive at that point. they toured America with Suede and Suede had to swap their headline slot because more people were coming to see the Cranberries. maybe it was classic irish begrudgery that was going on at home. song was massive at school and i remember having to do some weird dance activity to it, didn’t help.
tried to go back and edit that earlier post but it was too late.